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President Museveni Calls For Unity, Value Addition

Uganda’s President and patron of the Pan African Movement – Uganda Chapter H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has today urged all people from Africa to focus on working together and adding value to their products to achieve prosperity.

The above remarks were contained in a speech delivered by the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabanjja on behalf of the President during celebrations to mark the 60th Africa Liberation Day at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala.

In his speech, President Museveni noted that only through unity can Africa safeguard its independence and unlock the African potential, as evidenced by the enormous minerals and agricultural products on the continent. “Let us work collectively to build a common future that is free from fear,” he indicated.

He called upon the business community in Africa to invest heavily in value addition to increase our competitiveness. “We need support from all member states of the African Union as we celebrate this day and move our continent towards self-reliance,” he said.

He also noted that Uganda has the potential to become a food basket for the region, and expressed his gratitude for the addition of DR Congo to the East African Community grid, given the latter’s big population. “Addition of DRC into EAC has expanded the market and accelerated social economic transformation,” highlighted the President, and further implored all AU states to make all efforts to benefit from the African Continental Free Trade Area.

President Museveni also urged AU member states to buy from each other and wondered how an African state can buy a product that is available in its neighborhood from a European country, citing the example of beef.

He paid tribute to all fallen heroes and heroines who paid the price in the pursuit of peace and security, to attain a peaceful Africa. “These revolutionary leaders (like Nkrumah and Nyerere) left a formidable legacy for the continent. They continue to inspire us and generations that will come after,” he emphasized.

He further disclosed that to have a prosperous and peaceful Africa that’s driven by its own people, we must share solutions to common challenges like poverty, desertification, deforestation, floods and drought, among others. “We need each other and together we shall succeed,” Hon. Nabanjja ended the President’s speech.

The deputy Dean of the diplomatic family and Ambassador of the Republic of Burundi to Uganda H.E Epiphane Kabushemeye Ntwana, remarked that African people both in Africa and in the diaspora share a common history and destiny.

Quoting the Ubuntu phrase that says “I am because you are”, she indicated that we are one Africa and have one future.

She too implored Africans to stop selling raw materials but add value and sell finished products. “We have enough raw materials, all we need is to add value,” she said.

Amb Kabushemeye called for the promotion of the African Continental Free Trade Area and commended President Museveni as one of the respected freedom fighters and champions of African integration and Pan Africanists.

Speaking at the same ceremony, the representative of the African and Arab Youth Movement, noted that the African Day reminds us of the solidarity and unity of the African people to ensure prosperity.

She added that it reaffirms their ability as Arab – African youth to serve our common future.

According to the Arab – Africa group, education should be prioritized for all since it provides equal opportunities for everyone to access knowledge.

The National Coordinator of the Pan African Movement – Uganda Chapter, Dr. Mugabi Rubahamya said: “We share same problems in Africa and we should find solutions for them together.”

Today’s celebrations to mark Africa Day were organized under the theme: “The role of peace and security in promoting the African Continental Free Trade Area.”

The Ceremony was ignited by cultural dances from Burundi, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somali, South Sudan, and Uganda, among others.

It was attended by diplomats, UN family, African communities leaving in Uganda, University students and teachers, religious leaders, and the Rastafarian community.

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