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Sharing Experiences From Wazalendo Projects Will Inspire Fellow Colleagues – Brig Gen Chandia

The Commandant Armored Warfare Training School – Karama, Brigadier General Peter Chandia has commended the Wazalendo SACCO leadership for undertaking a new approach towards members’ education where members share experiences and factors for their success as a way of inspiration to their colleagues.

Brig Gen Chandia was speaking at the closure of a nine-day training of Member Education on Enterprise Selection and Management that took place at the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs, Mbuya.

“This training has been inspiring, informative and challenging. I am sure it is going to be a game changer in the force welfare. We have had trainings from businessmen, farmers and professors but the impact has never been as much as when we hear and share with our own people. From their presentations, we have been able to see the actual results of what they have been able to produce and have learned from them,” said Brig Gen Chandia.

Brig Gen Chandia appreciated the support rendered by commanders who allowed their personnel to come and be part of the training and said, “Our role now is to go and share these experiences with our colleagues and practice what we have learned. We should now be able to start projects according to individual capacities.”

The Chief Executive Officer of WSACCO, Col Joseph Freddy Onata said that the approach is aimed at tracing the impact created by Shillings 2.3 trillion that has been disbursed to members over the last 16 years and to share the experiences of those who have been successful and those who may have not been successful.

According to Col Onata the new approach facilitates easy profiling and aggregation of the members in terms of common areas of investment so as to seek ways of supporting them in a more impactful way through product refinement and or development.

“Judging by the interest that has been demonstrated and the questions that the presenters have had to answer throughout the areas that we have visited so far, I have no doubt that this approach will achieve its intended purpose and shall be a game changer in our quest to improve members welfare,” said Col Onata.

The Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Lt Col Allan Kitanda who represented the Chairman noted that the new interactive approach creates a spirit of collective learning and helps in building synergies by prompting members to learn from each other and enhance proper loan utilization.

“We picked members from all levels and amazingly we saw our low carders getting good returns from their investment. This shall not only trigger us increase our loan performance assessment but also to evaluate our vision, mission and the mandate of improving members’ welfare,” said Lt Col Kitanda.

Capt David Baryamwijuka who spoke on behalf of the members who demonstrated their projects expressed his gratitude to the Wazalendo leadership for coming up with such an arrangement to re-echo and emphasize the voice of the President on wealth creation at the household level as the basis for national development and social economic transformation.

The member projects visited included; beekeeping, fish farming, piggery, dairy farming, agroforestry, goat rearing, poultry, banana growing which were financed by Wazalendo SACCO according to members.

The engagements were carried out across the country where members showcased various projects to their Colleagues.

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